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Dome Rental REquest

Harmony Domes Custom Comfort


The perfect structure to host your event and guests. When tent rentals just won't cut it. 


Outside venue? Provide covering and shade. Inside venue too small? Provide extra private space for guests to enjoy. Need installation? We offer setup and breakdown for an additional fee. We offer a selection of ventilation solutions, including air conditioning and heating systems. You’ll never be too hot or too cold in our domes. It’ll feel just right. 


Tell us which dome or domes you're interested in and we'll have a quote to you within 48 hours. We realize each project is unique so please be as detailed as you can, so that our team can realize your vision.  

Dome Rental Request Form - What Type of Dome are you Interested in and for How Long?
Choose your dome model or models :

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in contact with you soon.

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