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Our GeoDesic Dome Services

The Geodesic Dome is finally being recognized for what it truly is—the smartest, strongest, lightest, energy efficient, versatile, economical and coolest way to enclose space. 


At Harmony Domes, we couldn’t be happier about that. We love to share the wonders, innovations and sheer happiness that come with each and every one of our Domes. 


Whether you’re a rocket scientist, coder, restauranteur, entrepreneur, politician, physician, educator, retiree, plumber, hula dancer or landscaper, we think you’ll fall in love with Harmony Domes. And Glamp happily ever after.

Lake Dome.JPG

Individual Domes

Buy an assembly kit or have our team install on your land.


Corporate Domes

Corporate uses including Events and VIP Clients Use.

Dome Restaurant.jpeg

Dome Event Rentals

Customized Corporate Rental Domes.


Trade Show Domes

Standard Domes to Projection Domes  will help your business Stand out.

Individual Dome Kits

Whether you're planning a single dome for your home away from home or you're building a glamping site with multiple domes our team of sales, designers, builders and engineers will create the best domes kits built specifically for you or your business. We've sold and worked with hundreds of happy Geodesic Dome Owners who each have specific needs and design ideas. Call us today or bring your plans and blueprints with you to our showroom and our team will help you get started ASAP. Find out more click here...

Corporate Domes

Harmony Corporate Domes are the best domes for your corporate annual events especially for giving your business guests a break from hot or cold weather.  Your Corporate dome can be a private retreat from the outdoor elements and can be setup, moved and setup again much cheaper and faster than a traditional building. Our Dome Structures have helped winter racing event contestants stay warm with 5 star food and drink amenities, are the perfect way to end your day on the slopes and warm up as a hospitality dome and even provide a cool place to grab a drink and VIP meals during professional and amateur Golf events. Find out more click here...

Dome Event Rentals

Looking for a unique event space that will impress your guests? Our Dome Event Rentals are perfect for you. Our geodesic domes are available year-round and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Whether you’re planning a winter festival or a summer concert, our projection domes will make a statement and create an unforgettable experience. Find out more click here...

Trade Show Domes

Want to stand out at your next trade show? Whether you're indoors or outdoors, nothing will help your business stand out like a Geodesic Dome. With projection capabilities and the ability to connect domes your display possibilities are unlimited. Call us today to start planning your trade show display. Find out more click here...

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