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Geodesic Dome Kits & models

It may look sort of like a tent, but it’s not. We use the most durable materials available, including a special architectural membrane PVC fabric exterior developed in Belgium. In fact, our Geodesic Domes exceed the technical requirements of all European countries and the U.S.!


Harmony Domes are waterproof, UV and mold resistant and have been rated class G1/M2 for flammability. Your Harmony Dome will withstand rain, snow and strong gusts of wind with ease because it’s the strongest structure in architecture. It’s unique design and construction will stand the test of time…and Mother Nature.


Our Smallest Dome Is Huge!

You'll never worry about the comforts of home in a Harmony Dome. This is also a perfect outdoor dining option for restaurants. 16' Diameter x 9'5" Tall.


Dome #6 - Now This Is Glamping

Bathroom, bedroom and kitchenette give any couple a vacation they'll never forget. 20' Diameter x 11'7" Tall.


Dome #7 You want a large dome that sleeps 4.  No Problem.

Enough room for a family of four.  This fully functional dome is your home away from home.  24' Diameter x 14' Tall.


Large Dome for Large Families & Commercial Events

With over 572 square feet of living area and at 15 feet tall you'll find comfort and space in a very large dome. 27' Diameter x 15' Tall.


Dome # 9 Corporate VIP Dome

With over 754 square feet of living area and at nearly 16 feet tall you'll find comfort and space in a large dome. 30' x 16' Tall


Looking For Larger Domes? Our Domes are made any size up to 120' Diameter. Contact us at 720-702-3663 for larger sized Domes.

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